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   Bushak Press is an independent publishing house in Seward, Alaska. Since 2008 we have specialized in Alaskan stories of all kinds. 

   Our first offering is a novel from author Jim Craig, Alaskan pilot. A crime/adventure thriller set in Seward, Alaska and Prince William Sound, North To Disaster , is a fast paced page turner and love story guaranteed to entertain. Enter the world of the back country Alaskan pilot and a rough and tumble lifestyle that features bush airplanes and strange characters scratching out a living far from the mainstream of American culture.

    Jim Craig has just finished his second novel, a sequel to North To Disaster. Blue Ice Dying in the Rain takes place the next summer. Still smarting from his misadventures with the Learjet pilot and losing his SuperCub, Johnny continues his work as an air taxi pilot at the Seward airport. It's the end of another season but not the end of opportunities for mishaps, and Johnny gets sucked into a mess. If you liked North To Disaster you'll really enjoy the new book too. Flying the Alaskan back country, encountering strange characters, bizarre and dangerous situations, sensual cravings and humor will keep you turning pages to see what happens next. Fasten your seat belt and ride along. You're gonna love it.
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